"A place where we all grow"


Welcome to our school!

Learning Garden is a Montessori pre-school with a curriculum centered on nature studies.  The school is located within walking distance of vibrant, urban Columbia City; but it is also a working farm with chickens and landscaped gardens.  Children build a base for future knowledge through play, exploration and socializing in a nurturing academic environment.

At Learning Garden Montessori School, learning is child-oriented, the children's work is play, the individuality is treasured and respected, and focus and concentration are main goals.

  1. BulletThe curriculum emphasizes the classic, Montessori academic activities, like reading, writing, math, as well as the amazing worlds of science, art and music.

  2. BulletThe play yard is set up as a city farm: the children garden, observe bugs & plants, rake leaves, grow vegetables & flowers, and help care for the animals.

  3. BulletThe school offers parenting support and education to enrolled families, in order to nurture the emotional growth of each family.

Located at the crossroads of Columbia City, Hillman City, and Seward Park neighborhoods, the school is a place where the diversity is celebrated and respected.  The activities and curriculum are meant to reflect this diversity, teach acceptance and respect, as Peace curriculum is a cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy.


Through the curriculum, the environment, and the philosophy, the school endeavors to plant the seed of becoming a “citizen of the world” in each child, as Maria Montessori envisioned 100 years ago.

Learning Garden Montessori School's mission is to create a wonderful, rich, peaceful environment where respect both for the natural world and for different people is the driving thought in each activity.  To achieve this mission, Learning Garden Montessori School strives:

  1. Bulletto inspire love of learning in each child,

  2. Bulletto equip each child with tolls to discover the world and

  3. Bulletto offer parenting strategies to families.

4226 South Lucile Seattle, WA, 98118

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Open House

January 11th,


for more information, call 206 725-7714.


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